Try Guys Bake Pavlova WITH A Recipe

Surprise! Welcome to the debut of WITH a recipe! We were challenged to create the best version of Ned \u0026 Ariel's favorite recipe: Pavlova. It's just like without a recipe, but somehow more chaotic! Get the Pavlova recipe below and buy Ned \u0026 Ariel's cookbook today for more delectable treats:

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Uyen Kirshenbaum
Michelin Starred Pastry Chef
Find her work on Instagram: @kirshbakingco

4 egg whites
1 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, to
3 tangerines
2 navel oranges
1 ruby red grapefruit
1½ cups whipped cream (store bought or homemade, see
page xxx)
1 tablespoon honey
A handful of fresh basil or mint, to serve

1. Preheat the oven to 250°F.
2. In a large bowl, use a stand mixer or a hand mixer on high speed to beat eggs until frothy, being careful not to over mix, you don’t want it to look grainy. Add the sugar and lemon juice slowly, 1 tablespoon of sugar at a time, and continue to beat until it forms stiff peaks. Test it by pulling the whisk quickly up from the bowl and looking for a pointy, glossy top.
3. Spoon the beaten egg whites onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Use a spoon or soft spatula to spread into a rough circle 9 inches in diameter. Bake until firm, about 1 hour. Allow to cool to room temperature in the oven with the door open.
4. Prepare the citrus by cutting off the rind and white pith so you can see the citrus flesh. Slice each fruit into ¼-inch-thick rounds.
5. To serve, transfer the cooled pavlova to a platter. Spread the whipped cream on top, leaving a 1-inch border around the edge. Arrange the citrus slices, drizzling with honey and garnishing with fresh basil or mint.

TIP: The meringue can be made ahead of time and
stored for up to 2 days.

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  1. Evaa Hallows

    Evaa Hallows

    12 timmar sedan

    Ned, you gotta be more specific about your mint! Is it peppermint? Spearmint? WHICH VARIANT? They are not the same!

  2. Yvette Capetillo

    Yvette Capetillo

    12 timmar sedan

    recipe: has sugar *MUST add slowly and gradually* eugene: dumps it all in recipe: *says nothing about alcohol or how it should be added* eugene: *adds it’s beautifully and slowly like sugar should have*

  3. Liz


    12 timmar sedan

    Ok this is gonna sound gross but there is literally no other way for me to describe how Eugene looks. He went from "aaaa sexy" To "oh damn daddy"

  4. David


    15 timmar sedan

    Eugene: I’m still gonna put booze in it Sweet, hope ya win

  5. Elecia Davis

    Elecia Davis

    17 timmar sedan

    Australian here… Pavlova with thickened whipped cream (with a little vanilla essence and icing sugar), strawberries, blueberries and Passionfruit pulp with icing sugar sifted over the top is my go to

  6. Mariah Twice

    Mariah Twice

    Dag sedan

    Why is no one talking about Keith’s song at 15:40

  7. Katie Dawber

    Katie Dawber

    Dag sedan

    As an Australian I cringed real hard during this video. 😂 This is like the most standard Christmas dessert where I live and it’s not really considered too difficult or complicated in my opinion but also almost every grocery store sells pre made ones in summer so it’s super easy to eat a few kilos of pavlova every year… if that’s what you wanna do…👀 🤣

  8. Pleby Potato Productions

    Pleby Potato Productions

    Dag sedan

    When I saw Eugene cutting the kiwi's I imagined the severed limbs of the New Zealanders. - Your Australian Friend

  9. ShowMeYourDoodle


    2 dagar sedan

    I have always loved Eugene because we're both very smart emo kids but.. every time he makes that overly confident face when long-pouring alcohol into something it shouldn't go into, I get a little sad twitch in my heart. xD

  10. camila mayorga

    camila mayorga

    2 dagar sedan

    “All right, this is not idiot-proof, Ned” 😂-Keith

  11. Cupcake Cult

    Cupcake Cult

    2 dagar sedan

    Eugene was immediately New Zealand approved when he put kiwi fruit on his pavlova

  12. Nicole Neeley

    Nicole Neeley

    2 dagar sedan

    They just needed the try guys to test every recipe so they could figure out where people could potentially fuck it all up 😂



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    No one Not a single person Eugene in every episode 🍺🍻🥂🍷🥃🍸🥃🥂🍻🍺🥃🍻🍺🍷🍻🍷🍺🥃🍾

  14. Ernestina Eswosa

    Ernestina Eswosa

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  15. Richard Warriner

    Richard Warriner

    3 dagar sedan

    Kiwi here (person from New Zealand Aotearoa), I must make an obligatory statement that the Pavlova was created here in NZ and not Australia, they will claim otherwise but are full of bull pucky. It is considered a national dish. Also, these Pavlova's were undersized, not cooked low and long enough. This requires a do over, Mate (NZ colloquialism - check with a Kiwi). All y'all should have a fully researched and practiced competition, and a Kiwi to judge. We have a few over there, give Karl Urban or Antony Starr a shout out. Say you heard one does a better Pav than the other, then vie for teams.

  16. Kelly W-S

    Kelly W-S

    3 dagar sedan

    *sigh* as a New Zealander who has been baking pavlova since childhood, as much as I love you guys, watching you completely munt our national dish hurt so much! Eugene, soak the fruit in the wine, not the pav!

    • Kelly W-S

      Kelly W-S

      2 dagar sedan

      @helenrov with a little bit of grated dark chocolate on top if it's a special occasion! I'll take an Aussie pav with fresh mango over an American knock off any day

    • helenrov


      3 dagar sedan

      Citrus on pavlova seems wrong somehow? Personally it's all berries, mango, kiwi fruit, and passionfruit, but I'm Aussie so I recognise we are secondary to New Zealand in our claims to making it "right" hahaha

  17. Best maya Dawe

    Best maya Dawe

    4 dagar sedan

    You should bake cupcakes or cornbread without a recipe next maybe. I just thought of it and it sound like it would be fun

  18. Gabriel Meeks

    Gabriel Meeks

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    • Jordan rakes

      Jordan rakes

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      Why does this *almost* make sense 💀

  19. Allie McKenzie

    Allie McKenzie

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    You should try making eclairs with a recipe. Or 🍩 donuts. Yum!

  20. Yajna Bhirugnath

    Yajna Bhirugnath

    4 dagar sedan

    Everytime i hear this intro i wanna watch merlin😭

  21. millie


    4 dagar sedan

    aussie / kiwi here! i grew up on pavlova at every family gathering! it’s my favourite dessert, though both sides of my family argue over whether nz or aus invented it lmaoo

  22. Allie McKenzie

    Allie McKenzie

    5 dagar sedan

    “Whipped Cream” by Keith Habensberger published by Verr E Yummy Records

  23. Grace Tembo

    Grace Tembo

    5 dagar sedan

    6:14 Turn on your captions You’ll thank me later

  24. Maude Paradinight

    Maude Paradinight

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    Me: no Keith, that's a famous physiologist... no Keith, that's a part of the vag-

  25. Dustin Kunish

    Dustin Kunish

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    Ned’s wife stares at him it’s murderous intent

  26. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryen

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    The fat faulty stinger tentatively compete because step-sister psychologically tease beside a comfortable burn. mammoth, medical slime

  27. Zara Vickers

    Zara Vickers

    6 dagar sedan

    My mum makes pavlovas for every single special event (we are Australian, it's unavoidable) and the cracks are actually really nice to crisp the top because otherwise, everything is so mushy. Also, it really helps to cook the pav on the dish you want to serve it on to avoid collapses when you move it.

  28. Shelby Williams

    Shelby Williams

    6 dagar sedan

    Do you need help with anxiety, depression, and other things? I did too. Then I turned to God! He helped me with all of my problems! Anyone can go to Him, no matter what they have done! He can help everyone! He loves and likes you! He will never get sick of you! All you need to do is pray to Him to start :)

  29. Jack Skellington

    Jack Skellington

    6 dagar sedan

    Zach is a human representation of the chaos gremlin in all of us.

  30. Nick Sheralds

    Nick Sheralds

    6 dagar sedan

    Lol yeah

  31. Izzy_ Belanger

    Izzy_ Belanger

    6 dagar sedan

    6:13 turn on auto generated english captions and- 💀

  32. Nay D.K.

    Nay D.K.

    7 dagar sedan

    I used to put raw peas in raspberries and eat them. Raisins is perfectly fine.

  33. Missy Gardiner

    Missy Gardiner

    7 dagar sedan

    I haven't had pavlova in years.😩 Just watch everyone else eat it at Christmas time. Watching them mess with a kiwi classic is heartbreaking.😱😂

  34. Winter Eve

    Winter Eve

    8 dagar sedan

    Omg we never put citrus on a pav!!!!! 🤣

  35. Winter Eve

    Winter Eve

    8 dagar sedan

    Woohoo pav - I love to make layers with melted chocolate on top .... so good 😊

  36. I dunno Haah

    I dunno Haah

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    W.A.R I E T C H I O P U E T

  37. jeghedderdundermifflin


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    Ned and Ariel are the cringiest couple I'd never want to hang out with. Sorry 🤐

  38. Mero90


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    This pavlova thing looks not tasty at all sorry. Is this a giant marshmellow and some fruits?

  39. Chlee CF

    Chlee CF

    9 dagar sedan

    This was a tough recipe lol

  40. Kiriel Papillon

    Kiriel Papillon

    9 dagar sedan

    If your pavlova cracks up and falls apart, break it up and layer it with your cream and fruit in glasses and call it "Eton mess". It's a thing. Seriously, it is.

  41. Linda mike

    Linda mike

    9 dagar sedan

    The pretty salad utrastructurally time because pantry perioperaively supply against a utopian bra. tough, slimy mattock

  42. Emmy Love

    Emmy Love

    9 dagar sedan

    The fact that they said “don’t open the oven while it’s cooking” but they opened the oven door to put zach and eugene’s in😭

  43. Jennie is my guilty pleasure

    Jennie is my guilty pleasure

    9 dagar sedan

    26:13 "If you cut someone's face open, there is gonna be goo"- zack😭😭

  44. Redrally


    10 dagar sedan

    At 05:30 - I know that music! I always hear it in Royal Recipes!

  45. Courtney Coleman

    Courtney Coleman

    10 dagar sedan

    Eugene: “I’m Ariel.” Keith: “I’m Ned. LET’S GOOO!” Zach: “Time for Little Zachy.”

  46. Lyda Swogger

    Lyda Swogger

    10 dagar sedan

    Zach saying "it needs a modifier" absolutely sent me and I laughed so hard I got a stomach ache

  47. Marya Sue Stark

    Marya Sue Stark

    11 dagar sedan

    Hope Pablova raises T levels

  48. Keri Monaco

    Keri Monaco

    11 dagar sedan

    Eugene is an alcoholic

  49. I like cheese  •‿•

    I like cheese •‿•

    11 dagar sedan

    *Ok so if y'all are wanting to make this listen up (or read ig):* • This meringue is very sweet and like marshmallow (some people like this texture but just bare this in mind) • it cracks very easily - yes you do want a crackly outside and chewy middle but it is very prone to cracking and because the inside is so soft it's therefore hard to transfer • The instructions were quite vague This is just my opinion on how the meringue turned out, I followed the recipe I was given and looked at the video in some points, but pls don't come for me saying that I should stop being so rude about Ned and Ariel's recipe. I am giving some advice about how I found the recipe. So, if you decide to make this pavlova make sure to have fun when doing so and I hope you think it's yummy! :) Love you Ned, love you Ariel xxx

  50. Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    11 dagar sedan

    I'm surprised that nobody made a *Pavulva* joke

  51. Anna Paavola

    Anna Paavola

    11 dagar sedan

    Pavlova is how people pronounce my last name all the time 🥲

  52. BecSparky


    11 dagar sedan

    How to ruin on of Australia's national dishes in so many cringey steps. A great laugh though

  53. Camryn Cavaleri

    Camryn Cavaleri

    11 dagar sedan

    I do agree that it should be more idiot proof bc I’m definitely a Zach baker

  54. Devina Rahma

    Devina Rahma

    11 dagar sedan


  55. Heather don't care so there

    Heather don't care so there

    12 dagar sedan

    That's not a tik tok hack! Us 80's babies have been doing that to separate egg whites and yokes for decades😂

  56. somou dugie

    somou dugie

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  57. TheCarlScharnberg


    12 dagar sedan

    Ned has lost weight, Eugene has facial hair (and looks much better for it), but why does Zach look so different? I know he got a hair transplant, but it's not that, something is different about his face. He looks better. Did get some sort of cosmetic procedure?

  58. Sanne Veldhuis

    Sanne Veldhuis

    12 dagar sedan

    Maybe should’ve used different ovens because of different baking times? Or should’ve waited for each other?

  59. Daenerys Targaryen

    Daenerys Targaryen

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  60. Pagonis Houchin

    Pagonis Houchin

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  61. siqoe pocae

    siqoe pocae

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    The berserk fog hypothetically long because comparison bizarrely squeal between a elfin pie. paltry, cooing dry

  62. skyler Hu

    skyler Hu

    13 dagar sedan

    The luxuriant ornament recurrently risk because plywood gully relax below a absorbed aluminium. irritating, available coin

  63. shecutie


    13 dagar sedan

    if i bit into a raspberry or strawberry to discover a raisin i’d be unbelievably pissed 😭😂

  64. CannedMayhem


    13 dagar sedan

    Eugene looks like a whole other person with that amazing facial hair

  65. Zoey Mandelbaum

    Zoey Mandelbaum

    13 dagar sedan

    ned and ariel: *describing everything you shouldn't do while making the pavlova* at least one of the other try guys who did that exact thing while making theirs:

  66. Baylie Horvath

    Baylie Horvath

    13 dagar sedan

    I’m not sure what it was about this episode that made me want to hug Keith like a koala on a tree but here I am

  67. Land of the morning calm

    Land of the morning calm

    13 dagar sedan

    I'm here for sum "zesty Zach action" 😁😉

  68. Zmile◉‿◉


    13 dagar sedan

    Everytime eugene cooks he adds wine

  69. W Charity

    W Charity

    13 dagar sedan

    Love Eugene. Looking so manly ❤🔥🔥🔥

  70. skyler Hu

    skyler Hu

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    The proud quicksand progressively bat because range phongsaly shrug sans a wrong cocoa. elite, petite dentist

  71. Mary Raskatova

    Mary Raskatova

    13 dagar sedan

    Guys, no offense, but it is pAvlova))

  72. sheryl parker

    sheryl parker

    14 dagar sedan

    Can we talk about how Zach's hair is so full? Nice!! 👌

  73. Prudence Pours

    Prudence Pours

    14 dagar sedan

    I agree with zack I would definitely leave my oven all the way open.... INSTRUCTIONS UNCLEAR

  74. Annalésa Dorés

    Annalésa Dorés

    14 dagar sedan

    "If it's sweet and sweet and sweet, it's hard to eat." Yeah .my friends and I don't agree; all we eat is sweet and sweet. But she rhymed and that's awesome.

  75. multixonce


    14 dagar sedan

    Oh my god them arguing over how open it needs to be is killing me

  76. Vhsbrat Vhsbrat

    Vhsbrat Vhsbrat

    14 dagar sedan

    Jesus died on the cross for your sins and God rose Him 3 days later(1 Corinthians 15:3-4)Jesus is coming repent and follow Christ(John 14:6/3:16)💕

  77. Chiara Moeridjan

    Chiara Moeridjan

    14 dagar sedan

    As a fellow idiot, i am dissapointed the cookbook doesn't cater too my stupidity

  78. Lila Jordan

    Lila Jordan

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  79. Sofia Maria

    Sofia Maria

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    Okay but hear me out: A series like without a recipe but it’s incredibly difficult dishes with vague instructions

  80. mingisunshine


    14 dagar sedan

    The pavovolva award

  81. Tessa Commins

    Tessa Commins

    14 dagar sedan

    Eugene using Strawberries and kiwifruit makes me happy since those what we have every Christmas.

  82. Baked And Afraid

    Baked And Afraid

    15 dagar sedan

    I'm so baked now right

  83. Protea Oaxaca

    Protea Oaxaca

    15 dagar sedan

    We all know the try guys by now and can tell the difference between a comfortable fun chaotic funny photo shoot versus a boring scripted scheduled shoot

  84. •_b r e e z e_•

    •_b r e e z e_•

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    F r w I n e

  85. sarah mohdramli

    sarah mohdramli

    15 dagar sedan

    now i see the true texas which eugene face look like 1. ahahahah.

  86. Darren Frans

    Darren Frans

    15 dagar sedan

    This was actually ned and ariel testing if people understood their recipe

  87. Cap'nSandwhich


    15 dagar sedan

    I love Zach, but why is he such a dumb jackass sometimes.

  88. Anglepsycho


    15 dagar sedan

    Okay but Eugene with a beard is just as awesome as without a beard, it's cool to see Eastern Asian-American men with beards!!!!!

  89. The Artskee

    The Artskee

    15 dagar sedan

    This is a great way to proofread a cook book 😂

  90. Alicia Collins

    Alicia Collins

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    Us New Zealanders screaming at how flat they're making their Pavs

  91. not.gracey


    16 dagar sedan

    the tension between ned's new zealand... and australia 😂

  92. not.gracey


    16 dagar sedan

    the sexual tension between new zealand and australia right now.

  93. Hannah Overton

    Hannah Overton

    16 dagar sedan

    I'd almost call Eugene's apavlova inspired spongecake or something. It looks really good tho.

  94. audbhitnote


    16 dagar sedan

    The draconian share amazingly imagine because scallion partially drum beneath a vague color. defective, oval bay

  95. Isabel Guszlovan

    Isabel Guszlovan

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    When my family family make pavs we leave it in the oven overnight and we usually put berries on top.

  96. H Madi

    H Madi

    17 dagar sedan

    this feels like some real great british bake off type shit rn

  97. Cassandra Marshall

    Cassandra Marshall

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    The book comes out on my birthday

  98. Taylor Lily

    Taylor Lily

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  99. Jack Mak

    Jack Mak

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    The outstanding direction luckily remove because pizza intringuingly fax save a recondite engineer. vague, sticky moat