Reacting To Your Meanest Comments (Part 2)

The comment monsters are back and ready to roast us! Give us your best mean, thirsty, sweet and salty comments below!

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  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

    2 månader sedan

    Thirsty comments for Keith only... GO!

    • April Ingannamorte

      April Ingannamorte

      2 månader sedan

      Ok, but look @ Keith's face and tell me he isn't Jani Lane's long lost sibling!

    • sheregenerated


      2 månader sedan

      This is a thirst comment for Keith. You're welcome.

    • Anthony Abruzaza

      Anthony Abruzaza

      2 månader sedan

      Imagine the things Keith could do with that big mouth of his

    • Rorye Hatcher

      Rorye Hatcher

      2 månader sedan

      Keith seems like a nice husband and cat dad

    • Callie Pinto

      Callie Pinto

      2 månader sedan

      Keiths wife tho,

  2. Eliza


    44 minuter sedan

    Keith is someone I would have gone after in my younger days smart, funny, good looking tall and kissable lips yeah he's a babe

  3. Yoonie Min

    Yoonie Min

    4 timmar sedan

    Will 😍😍😍😍

  4. Joan Smith

    Joan Smith

    Dag sedan

    how are there not more thirst comments for keith?? his mouth is so big and he EATS so you know he eats well:)

  5. Theducklife


    Dag sedan

    Capricorns have a amazing king

  6. sierra


    Dag sedan

    all of the guys agreeing that their wives are out of their league is lowkey wholesome 🥺

  7. BS Thomas

    BS Thomas

    Dag sedan

    What them hands do tho Keith? 😏

  8. AlexiaAkaChurro


    2 dagar sedan

    I am a Capricorn and as one I say ALL HAIL KING OF CAPRICORNs

  9. Local Weirdo

    Local Weirdo

    2 dagar sedan

    im a capricorn and i bow down to u eugene :]

  10. Jordan Alberts

    Jordan Alberts

    2 dagar sedan

    Will, I love ur personality. Ur great. With that being said... You kinda wrecked it with a mullet. Keep the mullets in 80's were they belong. I love you, sorry.😅

  11. Glorimar Melendez

    Glorimar Melendez

    3 dagar sedan

    Yes, I totally agree Keith is the hottest try guy, but I also have weird taste in men.

  12. BrunoWin


    4 dagar sedan

    Keith is the hottest, I can't even start... that mouth... oh boy, I wish I was a menu from some fast food 🥴

  13. BrunoWin


    4 dagar sedan

    I like all the try guys, and even to rank them it just sounds weird, I could never do that... (Keith, then the others...)

  14. Reesie ;D

    Reesie ;D

    4 dagar sedan

    Eugene: "I am the king of Capricorns." Me, a Capricorn: *bows down to the all-mighty Eugene, king of Capricorns*

  15. Derill Troy Tacang

    Derill Troy Tacang

    5 dagar sedan

    Will those eyes 👀 hmmmm

  16. Kyra H.

    Kyra H.

    5 dagar sedan

    Will seems very sweet and genuine. I love to see it; I hate mullets but he’s the exception

  17. Maggie Willson

    Maggie Willson

    6 dagar sedan

    Miles is a HIMBO and a DILF don’t talk to me he’s so adorable

  18. chilllieesss M

    chilllieesss M

    6 dagar sedan

    Will is daddy. Thats all i have to say

  19. Vina Lie

    Vina Lie

    6 dagar sedan

    So much love to Will! his eyes ARE nice

  20. lilly rose

    lilly rose

    6 dagar sedan

    will is honestly so attractive though like woah

  21. Ashley Bratton

    Ashley Bratton

    6 dagar sedan

    We love the try guys because what each of them brings. Zach rises from shy to bold. Eugene learning that Vulnerability is a strength and not weakness. Ned proving that marriage doesn’t always have to be “oh you annoy me” but that you can fall in love with your spouse over and over again. And Keith having fun, letting us know life is short and to love your spouse, you’re never to old to play games and embracing life with childlike wonder. I love them all and find each one attractive in their own rights. ❤️

  22. first name last name

    first name last name

    6 dagar sedan

    keith is the best

  23. zeeba3999


    6 dagar sedan

    Will seriously is super cute, and has some lovely eyes x3

  24. Lilli Thormann

    Lilli Thormann

    6 dagar sedan

    Are we just gonna ignore the buttplug in Sam's background, that just disappeares after a while?

    • Adhya Kejriwal

      Adhya Kejriwal

      5 dagar sedan

      lmaoooooo thanks for commenting this

    • Lilli Thormann

      Lilli Thormann

      6 dagar sedan

      12:01, 14:31 it's there, -6:03 it's gone

  25. Corinne Mussatti

    Corinne Mussatti

    6 dagar sedan

    Aww, Will. Let yourself up.

  26. CoraTheDino


    7 dagar sedan

    Keith’s voice is so smoking hot. And not to mention I got a massive crush on him 🥵

  27. Lisa Maree

    Lisa Maree

    7 dagar sedan

    My god Eugene is sooo Good looking!!!! DAMN lol

  28. LENNY


    7 dagar sedan

    *14:58** GOD DAMN* eugene's boyfriend has such a strong jawline it could cut glass.

  29. LENNY


    7 dagar sedan

    It's admirable how big Keith's mouth is the man has got a jaw like an anaconda he can just unhinge jaw just devour the food.

  30. LENNY


    7 dagar sedan

    *Ned is zaddy* 🥵🥵

  31. LENNY


    7 dagar sedan

    *Eugene is my favourite try guy*

  32. Robyn Smith

    Robyn Smith

    7 dagar sedan

    Will is genuinely so sweet 🥺

  33. SDub


    7 dagar sedan

    Ned is everything I'd want in a partner

  34. Maydays Monsters

    Maydays Monsters

    7 dagar sedan

    Keith has little spoon energy but I ya know what I still wanna get big spooned cause like 🥺 he just seems comforting

  35. Maydays Monsters

    Maydays Monsters

    7 dagar sedan

    Will I’m a lesbian so I wouldn’t smash.. but I do have mullet envy for u

  36. Ann Raymer

    Ann Raymer

    8 dagar sedan

    Nick, this one is for you! I’m so happy the try guys includes the crew as well, because the channel wouldn’t be as good without you! If this was a tv show, you’d be my favorite character of all. I always know I’ll love the video if Nick shows up because he’s got great camera presence and balances the guys out well. Put Nick in more videos!!

  37. Leo Callahan

    Leo Callahan

    8 dagar sedan

    me and my dad binged every single one of y’all’s episodes over quarantine! it was great being able to laugh together over yall’s silliness.

  38. Kelda_crossing


    8 dagar sedan

    Wasn't Keith declared the Try guy all of Buzzfeed wanted to date or marry?

  39. Ella Spencer

    Ella Spencer

    9 dagar sedan

    Sam is just great

  40. Kendra Williams

    Kendra Williams

    10 dagar sedan


  41. Stop


    10 dagar sedan

    Wait I didn’t realise Eugene was born on the same day as me?

  42. EMILY Jackson

    EMILY Jackson

    10 dagar sedan

    Everyone talking about Keith: Will getting no compliment s: 👍😭

  43. Rob Smith21

    Rob Smith21

    10 dagar sedan

    I wish to one day say I love you and it’ll be ok to my younger self

  44. Tiffany X

    Tiffany X

    10 dagar sedan

    Honestly all the Try Guys are 100% catches. All are funny, smart, talented (in their own ways), and seemingly good human beings

  45. Tiffany X

    Tiffany X

    10 dagar sedan

    Will really does have stunning eyes and seems so genuinely nice

  46. turtle juice

    turtle juice

    10 dagar sedan


  47. freya naomi

    freya naomi

    11 dagar sedan

    will is so sweet, i love him and oh my god i love his mullet :)

  48. Shyla Marie

    Shyla Marie

    11 dagar sedan

    I'd mud wrestle Becky for Kieth.

  49. kg


    11 dagar sedan


  50. mazzybananas


    11 dagar sedan

    Apparently I'm the Eugene of the group at work because we had a coworker get fired and insult everyone but me during the process lol

  51. Imani Celestin

    Imani Celestin

    12 dagar sedan

    I think based off looks alone, Keith is cute. What makes him even more attractive (for me) is his sense of humor. He's so funny and I'm always cracking up at the shit he says on the TryPod.

  52. StitchedinMack


    12 dagar sedan

    Not subbed but my sister likes this channel. If I could leave one comment (plus my username is stupid) it would be. Keith, you have a beautiful smile.

  53. confused _ individual

    confused _ individual

    12 dagar sedan

    Anyone else notice the art in sam's back ground?

  54. Courtney Mayeda

    Courtney Mayeda

    12 dagar sedan

    I share a birthday with Keith and I feel that that’s an honor.

  55. marieleelee


    13 dagar sedan

    How weird, I was just catching up on Try Guys videos and kept thinking that Keith was smoking hot.

  56. Alyssa Salinas

    Alyssa Salinas

    13 dagar sedan

    I don't understand how Keith could only have one thirsty tweet??!! Is the public blind or something?!! IF Keith and Becky wanted to have a throuple I'd agree in a heartbeat. Anyone who thinks differently needs to see an optometrist

  57. Michela Luciana BUDRIS DE NEGRI

    Michela Luciana BUDRIS DE NEGRI

    13 dagar sedan


  58. Dannah Reddix

    Dannah Reddix

    14 dagar sedan

    honestly, before realizing Will was Will *because the clown* I thought he was Krispey Kreme aka Froggy Fresh aka Tyler Cassidy. Anyway, I'm here for it. But not the clown.

  59. Kate McGarrigle

    Kate McGarrigle

    15 dagar sedan


  60. Lizzie Lin

    Lizzie Lin

    15 dagar sedan

    ned saying “i have a wife!!” reminds me ridiculously of philza yelling at chat

  61. galaxy._.


    15 dagar sedan

    Miles reminds me of Charlie Day...

  62. chicken man

    chicken man

    15 dagar sedan

    i'm a lesbian but i'd call keith daddy

  63. Chahak Jain

    Chahak Jain

    15 dagar sedan

    omg ned no ily you're v nice and funny

  64. vixter Comment

    vixter Comment

    16 dagar sedan

    The reason there is no thirsty Keith comments is that Zach already said everything for us...

  65. Zay's Devine ASMR

    Zay's Devine ASMR

    16 dagar sedan

    nobody: keith: talking about his throat me: THROATT BABYY💦💦

  66. Keisha B

    Keisha B

    16 dagar sedan

    me at the start of the video: 😃 me at the end of the video: 😢😭

  67. Zoé Sólyom

    Zoé Sólyom

    16 dagar sedan

    Ned went from “I have a wife and a baby” to “I have a wife and children” we love him “poppin these kids out”😌❤️

  68. Not Really

    Not Really

    16 dagar sedan

    Keith’s energy is like, the Brad Leone of BA 😂

  69. Sarah L

    Sarah L

    17 dagar sedan

    When Will’s mullet came onto the screen I threw my phone bc I didn’t want to see it

  70. alyson garcia

    alyson garcia

    17 dagar sedan

    keith is so unattractive yet also so sexy?

    • strawberry우유


      15 dagar sedan


  71. Mickey


    17 dagar sedan

    Keith has handsome hands,,,

  72. Katie G

    Katie G

    18 dagar sedan

    Jesus loves you and died on the cross for you✝️✨❤️

  73. Sam Lindsey

    Sam Lindsey

    18 dagar sedan

    i fucking love ned

  74. Ana Hernandez

    Ana Hernandez

    18 dagar sedan

    Holy shit when Zach acted as the brother I couldn't look at him, like damn boi 😳

  75. Shahrika Taiyeba

    Shahrika Taiyeba

    18 dagar sedan

    eugene saying he’s not starting OF bc leave it to ppl who need it YES SIR these guys r actually so aware n caring GOOD FOR U

  76. The Immortal Mortal

    The Immortal Mortal

    18 dagar sedan

    The meanest comment I can make is “Eugene is my favorite try guy” which is rude to everyone besides eugene

  77. Foxifire 647

    Foxifire 647

    19 dagar sedan

    From the best to worst -personally it’s Keith Eugene Ned and then Zack I just love when Keith rages

  78. Tomie Cröw

    Tomie Cröw

    19 dagar sedan

    Keith is a dilf Ned too, literally I would peg Zach

  79. Sarah Loewen

    Sarah Loewen

    19 dagar sedan

    Need a tshirt of Zach looking in the mirror with the quote "Cocky Bastard. Love you"

  80. Ankita Shah

    Ankita Shah

    19 dagar sedan

    keith lets put that big mouth to some goood use!!!

  81. Veronica Rincon

    Veronica Rincon

    20 dagar sedan


  82. ChellesBelles


    20 dagar sedan

    Eugene is the nicest try guy.

  83. Amilie Kwon

    Amilie Kwon

    20 dagar sedan

    Where did Alexandria go?

  84. Gordon Franck

    Gordon Franck

    20 dagar sedan

    Keith’s mouth...

  85. Gordon Franck

    Gordon Franck

    20 dagar sedan

    Will is an angel. He is so sweet!! I want to see him more in vids he is so genuine

  86. terrastar12


    21 dag sedan

    If I had do leave my fiance for a try guy, it would be keith.

  87. Ah 2 Ah

    Ah 2 Ah

    21 dag sedan

    OMG.... SQUIDWARD !!!!!! Yeahhhh, that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out his voice!!!

  88. Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    21 dag sedan

    there’s something about keith’s humor that’s so attractive. damn, adding to the keith thirst train

  89. Anne Champion

    Anne Champion

    22 dagar sedan

    Keith is so fucking hot 🔥🥵 I want that man to do such dirty things to me he can't look me in the eyes afterward.

  90. Mlee-W


    22 dagar sedan

    Will is so cute 🤗 until he turns his head to the side and you see his mullet. Why wasn't this hairstyle left in the '90s?

  91. Kassandra Landry

    Kassandra Landry

    22 dagar sedan

    I've always thought Keith was the most good looking out of the guys❤

  92. sharonat16


    22 dagar sedan

    I love Keith's dimple!

  93. Jennie is my guilty pleasure

    Jennie is my guilty pleasure

    22 dagar sedan

    will is actually pretty handsome and i love that guy's vibes

  94. Josie Wilson

    Josie Wilson

    23 dagar sedan

    Keith you look so loving, and I love that.

  95. Josie Wilson

    Josie Wilson

    23 dagar sedan

    Will I love your existence. Can I be the hair to your mullet?

  96. Ariel Aland

    Ariel Aland

    23 dagar sedan

    I have the biggest friend crush on Keith, he seems like a party and a half 😂

  97. Linda Francová

    Linda Francová

    23 dagar sedan

    Omg Keith's mouth... Mhmmm just wondering what he can do with it...😏🥵👅💝

  98. Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones

    23 dagar sedan

    The wary black postmeiotically sprout because captain chiefly use sans a powerful hair. addicted, statuesque blade

  99. Arham Syed

    Arham Syed

    24 dagar sedan

    Me in the chat to see how would people kill Zack

  100. potetpoet


    24 dagar sedan

    Is Eugene really gonna sit there as a fan of astrology and pretend there's a significant difference between Taurus and Capricorn? Face it earthie, apart from Taurus occationally being able to relax and enjoy life sometimes, you're exactly the same! The only marginally reasonable earth-sign is virgo and you darn well know it!