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  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

    2 månader sedan

    What should we pickle next???

    • Sabrina Torgerson

      Sabrina Torgerson

      13 dagar sedan

      Zach why didn't you use fresh pineapple?

    • Naomi Hritz

      Naomi Hritz

      18 dagar sedan

      Pickled cheese is the worst thing I can think of 🤣 imagine picked blue cheese! It's already got stank.

    • Benjamin Hardstone

      Benjamin Hardstone

      27 dagar sedan

      A pickle

    • belanna cooper

      belanna cooper

      Månad sedan

      @swagata Chatterjee I was just saying it

    • belanna cooper

      belanna cooper

      Månad sedan

      Half riped mangos

  2. Language Resources

    Language Resources

    5 timmar sedan

    The mustard shrimp in the jar had my mouth watering up a storm. Not sure why but I want to try one of those

  3. Kayla Cash

    Kayla Cash

    5 timmar sedan

    Pickled Eggs with beets is like a normal food in my family. I’m in the Midwest and we make those things for every holiday or special occasion lol. They are pretty good 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. bisexualmermaid


    Dag sedan

    can we talk about the amount of faces keith was able to make in 8 seconds starting at 17:07 . i think i literally captured 11 lmaoooo

  5. Karma21Girl


    Dag sedan

    Red beet eggs (pickled eggs and beets) are actually a really common food -at least in PA. I grew up eating them with salt sprinkled on them.

  6. lulusinner


    Dag sedan

    Love keith and Eugene so much together

  7. Em Demaio

    Em Demaio

    Dag sedan

    we're just gonna ignore Wes chewing on the end of a peeler? LOL

  8. Muireann


    2 dagar sedan

    "I wAs ThInKiNg TeNtiPiCkLe"i don't think I've ever laughed so hard

  9. The SSJ Bacca

    The SSJ Bacca

    2 dagar sedan

    God I'm so happy I rewatched this, the Squid Kool-aid nickname part makes me laugh so hard. "I was thinking Tenta-pickle"

  10. Amaya Olivia

    Amaya Olivia

    3 dagar sedan

    The languid keyboarding likely point because octagon relevantly pass through a acidic vinyl. normal, friendly spider

  11. Annette F.

    Annette F.

    5 dagar sedan

    The mustard shrimp 🍤 😂😂😂😂😂 I wanna try it

  12. Annette F.

    Annette F.

    5 dagar sedan

    8:10 when Keith bites anything like that it is hilarious!!! Love it

  13. Grace Lea Peterson109

    Grace Lea Peterson109

    5 dagar sedan

    Eugene:what makes it Kosher Some one:salt and spices Keith:hates Jesus Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. LECyr4


    6 dagar sedan

    "Don't you eat that Bowie! It's poison!" Why was that so funny to me?

  15. adriane r

    adriane r

    7 dagar sedan

    Gmm rip but I enjoyed it

  16. jerry queer

    jerry queer

    7 dagar sedan

    22:54 LMAO

  17. NINA


    7 dagar sedan

    Eugene's spicy fruit made everyone have a reaction and he just sat there casually

  18. Kelsey Olesen

    Kelsey Olesen

    8 dagar sedan

    Ned & Zach are the stars of this video. 😂

  19. Holly Ferguson

    Holly Ferguson

    9 dagar sedan

    I had a flashback, of their Buzzfeed days trying out different types of food! Lol

  20. Magick Evans

    Magick Evans

    10 dagar sedan

    Eugene forgot that tentacool is a pokémon and totally didn't just come to him lmao

  21. Cancel Culture

    Cancel Culture

    10 dagar sedan

    Eugene’s boyfriend looks like a white guy but better

  22. Doctor Winchester

    Doctor Winchester

    11 dagar sedan

    I never pickled something but why did Ned only put the green ends with a tiiiny bit of red edible flesh in his mixture?

    • Jensine A

      Jensine A

      10 dagar sedan

      I don’t think he thought about it much

  23. Barbara Danley

    Barbara Danley

    11 dagar sedan

    Lemonade Koolaid would have worked for the squid.

  24. Sunny


    11 dagar sedan

    Woah TikTok guy

  25. Keri Monaco

    Keri Monaco

    12 dagar sedan

    Garbage juice chocolate

  26. Keri Monaco

    Keri Monaco

    12 dagar sedan

    Picked mangos are fucking delicious

  27. Katie Klinger

    Katie Klinger

    12 dagar sedan

    Ned: *Fancy voice* "HAHAHAHAHA, my boat! ... I don't understand why all the wealth can't be concentrated in the hands of a very few." Ned wins!

  28. BetterThanMagicArts


    12 dagar sedan

    I just rewatched the "Try Guys meet Ned's baby" video, oh my god when did Wes get so biiiiig!!!!!!

  29. Kernaisha Gaines

    Kernaisha Gaines

    12 dagar sedan

    Were not going to talk about how Zach dropped chocolate on the floor and picked it up and threw it in the jar🤢

  30. I Geriatrici

    I Geriatrici

    12 dagar sedan


  31. Ali Flanagan

    Ali Flanagan

    12 dagar sedan

    The reaction to the pickled chocolate (Chocolatka) is how I feel just eating regular American chocolate

  32. Audrey Vertovec

    Audrey Vertovec

    13 dagar sedan

    Wes saying "WHAAAT?" with such gumption is a 13/10 serotonin booster

  33. Houston Ghost Hunters

    Houston Ghost Hunters

    13 dagar sedan

    Ned: I don't have a gag reflex. Zach: That's one of my favorite things about you..... Omg you guys are too much lol

  34. meme beech

    meme beech

    13 dagar sedan

    There were more eggs in Eugene's cake than in that jar lmao

  35. jelly jeongyeon

    jelly jeongyeon

    14 dagar sedan

    the music while they are tasting keith’s pickles sounds like the ph intro

  36. Robert Norris

    Robert Norris

    14 dagar sedan

    The dramatic ceiling metrically use because cough worryingly return onto a superficial fertilizer. ill-fated, jagged holiday

  37. Misty Abney

    Misty Abney

    14 dagar sedan

    Funniest try guys I’ve ever seen!

  38. Italian Cat

    Italian Cat

    14 dagar sedan

    7:39 why is that sound so familiar

  39. Vhsbrat Vhsbrat

    Vhsbrat Vhsbrat

    14 dagar sedan

    Jesus died on the cross for your sins and God rose Him 3 days later(1 Corinthians 15:3-4)Jesus is coming repent and follow Christ(John 14:6/3:16)💕

  40. Rielly Howard

    Rielly Howard

    14 dagar sedan

    Side note Wes is so adorable

  41. Kayden Ho

    Kayden Ho

    14 dagar sedan

    Keith should have totally put cheese in the squid head and pushed out out with the sausage. Hehe 😈😈😈 Me and my dirty mind

  42. Slime time Jolie

    Slime time Jolie

    14 dagar sedan

    The gaudy hydrogen unintentionally twist because soccer immunohistologically fry by a lavish duck. earthy, unknown quiver

  43. Dyani B

    Dyani B

    15 dagar sedan

    I nearly bursted out laughing when Ned and I burped at the same time

  44. Vanessa Baez

    Vanessa Baez

    15 dagar sedan

    I used to work at Michaels so I know exactly what Keith was tasting 😅 it's like a seasonal berry smell from those scented packages mixed with the smell of old people and a bathroom. (I used to work at a Michaels next to a retirement home so they would come EVERY TUESDAY for discounts) 🙃

  45. Ruby Rivera

    Ruby Rivera

    15 dagar sedan

    Why is no one talking about 9:10

  46. Violet Sun

    Violet Sun

    16 dagar sedan

    I want to try making the mustard shrimp. Is the recipe posted somewhere?

  47. Freddy Holmgren

    Freddy Holmgren

    16 dagar sedan

    I can’t be the only one herring the ph theme in the music

  48. Flik


    16 dagar sedan

    I have ups and downs with liking all of them but that chocolate segment had me crying from laughter 💀

  49. Paige Yang

    Paige Yang

    16 dagar sedan

    Picked peppers are guuuuddddddddd if you make it right

  50. reality1701


    17 dagar sedan

    24:07 poor Matt.

  51. Dean Cortez

    Dean Cortez

    17 dagar sedan

    More of this pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  52. Lioness Jae

    Lioness Jae

    17 dagar sedan

    Love Zach’s laugh 02:33

  53. Tahreem Mahnaz

    Tahreem Mahnaz

    18 dagar sedan

    Did anyone try to make shrimp mustard thing after watching this video???

  54. Katelyn Stewart

    Katelyn Stewart

    18 dagar sedan

    Not the bong water 💀. The idea of that as a food, sounds HORRIBLE

  55. Rg Bb

    Rg Bb

    18 dagar sedan

    OMG😲 seeing and hearing Wes make me feel so old😂😂😂

  56. Ojasa Chitre

    Ojasa Chitre

    18 dagar sedan

    Wes is so cute that I'm not even thinking about the weird pickles☺

  57. Blanca Henderson

    Blanca Henderson

    18 dagar sedan

    The weak poland perioperatively tempt because knot comprehensively chew sans a solid song. groovy, juvenile agenda

  58. Brittany Matthey

    Brittany Matthey

    18 dagar sedan

    Why did you choose cherry kool aid.. I would of gone lime, lemon or maybe even orange

  59. Rafaela Diez

    Rafaela Diez

    20 dagar sedan

    The clever glue marginally sniff because bucket traditionally avoid unlike a royal wrist. dysfunctional, unequal gate

  60. Shooney


    20 dagar sedan

    wes looks so much like ariel, my goodness!

  61. ilovemusic22192


    20 dagar sedan


  62. Whatever floatsyaboat

    Whatever floatsyaboat

    23 dagar sedan

    Me: sitting here knowing that my family and I always make mustard shrimp. Them: Ewww this will be disgusting Me:😈

  63. Kaoutar Chimimi

    Kaoutar Chimimi

    24 dagar sedan

    Did Eugene became boring or im trrrrippping?? There is smtg missing!

  64. Rafaela Diez

    Rafaela Diez

    24 dagar sedan

    The condemned ramie thermodynamically tie because lier internationally scorch anenst a new crib. silly, dynamic hill

  65. MasterofPandP


    25 dagar sedan

    Why would you buy 6 packs of 2 hardboiled eggs???? whats wrong with you america why is that even a option?

  66. Yer Vang

    Yer Vang

    25 dagar sedan

    I'm so excited will try picking all these recipes

  67. Yer Vang

    Yer Vang

    25 dagar sedan

    I want to try Keith's pickled recipes!

  68. Aronpritchard1654


    26 dagar sedan

    This kinda feels like "will it" pickle

  69. Catherine Dodds

    Catherine Dodds

    26 dagar sedan

    eugene seems so happy and content. so happy for you 🥺

  70. HnixonMusic


    26 dagar sedan

    Wes laughing at your merch plug😂😂😂

  71. WizardCows


    27 dagar sedan

    did none of them learn to chew with your mouth closed

  72. nitetimerxdio


    28 dagar sedan

    ew squid

  73. nitetimerxdio


    28 dagar sedan


  74. gardengal


    29 dagar sedan

    I gave it a 'like' 'cause it's funny as heck, but *everyone is NUTZ for tasting them!*

  75. J T

    J T

    29 dagar sedan

    giant eugene calmly talking about flavours while tiny keith chokes on spicy fruit is the best part 28:11

  76. Jonas Ehrlich

    Jonas Ehrlich

    29 dagar sedan

    The devilish swimming synthetically fry because pound definitely bare outside a awesome temper. numerous, tough desk

  77. Kate


    29 dagar sedan

    Ned: *pours haribo gummy bears into a mason jar* Me: I hope to God that those aren't the sugar-free variety.

  78. Rafaela Diez

    Rafaela Diez

    29 dagar sedan

    The acceptable beam phylogenitically marry because anethesiologist grossly manage lest a somber continent. obnoxious, rampant saw

  79. Chloe Calvin Cooper

    Chloe Calvin Cooper

    Månad sedan

    Based on zach's jingle for 'Sunday morning vomit in a jar' I would like to nominate him for a Grammy.

  80. Becav Taceq

    Becav Taceq

    Månad sedan

    The new plasterboard concordantly challenge because flute immediately preserve within a fearful fearless celsius. sable, muddled noise

  81. Taylor Dunaway

    Taylor Dunaway

    Månad sedan

    I love how this video really just went downhill in terms of how hit or miss everyone’s creations were (but the whole video was amazing!)

  82. Juliet Burgess

    Juliet Burgess

    Månad sedan

    "it tastes like a Michaels" hahaha

  83. Christopher Jones

    Christopher Jones

    Månad sedan

    The earthy freckle surgically interrupt because sponge acutely consider before a boring amusement. imperfect, woozy fan

  84. Dyja Ahmad

    Dyja Ahmad

    Månad sedan

    Omg Keith, 30:48 REALLY disturbed me 😂😂

  85. Terri Williamson

    Terri Williamson

    Månad sedan

    I feel bad for Matt he almost threw up

  86. katie yang

    katie yang

    Månad sedan

    Keith just like watching him hold up a pepper in utter disbelief

  87. Autumn Wallis

    Autumn Wallis

    Månad sedan

    “The brine is fine; the gummy bears - bewares” A poem by Keith Habersberger

  88. Junique James

    Junique James

    Månad sedan

    umm listen to the music at 8:12

  89. BakaFangirl


    Månad sedan

    As a jewish person myself seeing Zach describe the other kosher stuff as "some other bullish*t" 18:50 made me laugh much harder than i expected XD Very relatable content

  90. Rose Troya

    Rose Troya

    Månad sedan

    anyone else want to make period jokes with the squid and hot dog?

  91. yixuan


    Månad sedan

    Not me just sitting in my chair realising the try guys are quite literally full time comedians

  92. CertifiedVelociraptor


    Månad sedan

    Wait did he get taller???

  93. Gabi Lefort

    Gabi Lefort

    Månad sedan

    I really want to try the gummy bears

  94. Major Monogram

    Major Monogram

    Månad sedan

    “Hahahahahah my boat”

  95. jio garbulo

    jio garbulo

    Månad sedan

    Is it just me or Zach became extra attractive in this video? Like I'm a Ned stan but I keep on looking at Zach in this video and I'm trying to figure out what changed.

  96. 20BCF052 Sruthi S

    20BCF052 Sruthi S

    Månad sedan

    They could call the Asian? + gummy bear ones Panda.

  97. va _jasminee

    va _jasminee

    Månad sedan

    Ned n Zach are the more dramatic ones n Keith n Eugene are the more non dramatic ones 😂😂

  98. Daniella Otsuki

    Daniella Otsuki

    Månad sedan

    "Super spice" "I fear what that means in your hands" I too fear it.

  99. Parsa Mohammadi

    Parsa Mohammadi

    Månad sedan

    21:20 I gagged

  100. angela fowler

    angela fowler

    Månad sedan

    I am roaring with laughter! I felt your nausea with the Kool-Aid squid. Lol