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  1. The Try Guys

    The Try Guys

    3 månader sedan

    What other shows should Eugene Rank Next?!

    • Little_Yellow_Helmet


      7 dagar sedan


    • Maheen Nadeem

      Maheen Nadeem

      14 dagar sedan


    • Kiley Werner

      Kiley Werner

      15 dagar sedan

      You should rank Disney villains next! You can dress up as one too!!!

    • Carrie Trice

      Carrie Trice

      23 dagar sedan

      Animated tv shows!!!

    • Nena Salahuddin

      Nena Salahuddin

      29 dagar sedan

      All the marvel movies!

  2. Aleysia Henry

    Aleysia Henry

    17 timmar sedan

    “HOW MANY TYLER’S ARE THERE?!” Eugene how do you not know???

  3. The Baker's Ruview

    The Baker's Ruview

    Dag sedan

    I would rate the reality shows of uk and US in order 1 rupauls drag race 2 real housewives (specifically Atlanta) 3 project runway 4 americas next top model 5 gogglebox 6 the circle 7 big brother/celebrity big brother 8 the great british bake off 9bachelorette 10 bachelor 11 strictly come dancing 12 im a celebrity get me out of here 13 x factor Im right your wrong shut up

  4. CPCoulterTweedles


    Dag sedan

    I agree with Eugene, but a good chunk of the reason why is because I'm aroace. I look at shows that are about people dating, or about people whose entire existence revolves around being attractive, and I have zero interest in seeing them do their stuff. The most interest I've shown in any of those dating/look at how hot I am shows is a vague appreciation that the next woman in The Bachelorette Australia is pan, so there will be both men and women competing.

  5. Sophia Kotsariadis

    Sophia Kotsariadis

    2 dagar sedan

    Eugene and Mike's Mic collab when??

  6. mousehouse


    3 dagar sedan

    lol i LOVE how this is edited reality show style

  7. Teacher Madison

    Teacher Madison

    3 dagar sedan

    Engine got it exactly right! Screw the bachelor!

  8. Camilo Silva Soto

    Camilo Silva Soto

    3 dagar sedan


  9. Brittany B

    Brittany B

    3 dagar sedan

    Eugene was right!!!!!!

  10. Enya Almeida

    Enya Almeida

    4 dagar sedan

    Can I just say I actually preferred Eugene's ranking

  11. Noah Gorman Music

    Noah Gorman Music

    5 dagar sedan

    Shark Tank should have topped the entire list, best reality show on the air no question (maaaaaybe second to Queer Eye)

  12. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Gonzalez

    6 dagar sedan

    They mentioned “Dancing With the Stars”, but no mention of “SYTYCD”?!?!

  13. Karl Emmanuel Camasis

    Karl Emmanuel Camasis

    6 dagar sedan

    this gay forgot the trashiness category, it would've been a whole different ranking

  14. E.A. Bedoya S.

    E.A. Bedoya S.

    7 dagar sedan

    I am a communications student and I have a Media Studies exam for tomorrow. One of the topics of the exam is Reality TV, so of course, I am here to get examples to refer to in my exam. Wish me luck!!

  15. Blanca Melendez

    Blanca Melendez

    7 dagar sedan

    Eugene is right.

  16. Blanca Melendez

    Blanca Melendez

    7 dagar sedan

    God bless them mentioning Little Mix. Put some respect on it 🔥

  17. Emma Marske

    Emma Marske

    7 dagar sedan

    My sister met Gordon Ramsey. She said he was one of the nicest people she ever met.

  18. Vriddhi Pai

    Vriddhi Pai

    8 dagar sedan

    Shark Tank is Gold! I'm right, you're wrong, shut up!

  19. J Yang

    J Yang

    9 dagar sedan

    laughed so hard at "is dad cis?" "yes dad is cis" xDD

  20. Unicornbella M

    Unicornbella M

    10 dagar sedan

    Hey guys! Happy pride month y’all!

  21. zhannell


    12 dagar sedan

    The trio we didn’t ask but the trio we needed

  22. KatarinaDreams


    13 dagar sedan

    Eugene must be devastated that Jesy left Little Mix

  23. Alondra Arce

    Alondra Arce

    13 dagar sedan

    How did fear factor not get included

  24. Carlijne Hannah

    Carlijne Hannah

    14 dagar sedan

    ‘Twee’ is two in dutch, haha

  25. pcsout


    15 dagar sedan

    Big Brother deserved better

  26. biasandoval1


    15 dagar sedan

    I missed temptation island (pure drama!!), sytycd, world of dance, love island, ninja warrior

  27. Rhett Jones

    Rhett Jones

    16 dagar sedan

    Think we need a Rank King and Eat the Menu crossover mini series. Ranking burgers, fries, ice cream, etc from the top national chains.

  28. Lauren Montgomery

    Lauren Montgomery

    16 dagar sedan

    I think Taskmaster may be a nice one y’all should watch ;3

  29. Jessie Lucid

    Jessie Lucid

    17 dagar sedan

    I agree with Eugene

  30. Essence Brown

    Essence Brown

    17 dagar sedan

    Now knowing Eugene like LM I love him even more

  31. Sam Margerum

    Sam Margerum

    17 dagar sedan

    Eugene is the king of being correct

  32. jacky mai

    jacky mai

    17 dagar sedan

    The hungry pint pertinently consider because drink internally scream including a various war. gigantic, tidy sailboat

  33. No other Like my own skin

    No other Like my own skin

    18 dagar sedan

    Can you work on? Can you have? Japanese Fluently language American Sign Language or Japan Sign Language Fluently Speak with voice off Can they make Videos your channel about new contact? In next 6 week or early or November 2021. With CC option on or off in USA American English and or Japan Japanese.

  34. Vanessa Visaga

    Vanessa Visaga

    19 dagar sedan

    Eugene is right. (Period)

  35. Sydney Shoen

    Sydney Shoen

    19 dagar sedan

    I love hell's kitchen

  36. Breezi TV

    Breezi TV

    21 dag sedan

    Me, who hasn’t watched like any TV “mmhmm”

  37. Kiley Hanson

    Kiley Hanson

    22 dagar sedan

    I preferred this series when it was pretty much only Eugene, too much catty back and forth and terrible opinions

  38. kaleiana


    22 dagar sedan

    90 Day Fiancé

  39. Norris Nuts Lover

    Norris Nuts Lover

    22 dagar sedan

    Not me being like I’m a celebrity get me out of there

  40. SOOEY 수이

    SOOEY 수이

    23 dagar sedan

    You guys forgot about dance moms!!!!! I’m disappointed ...

  41. dingoesatemymotivation


    26 dagar sedan

    This is the best one in a long time, I love the editing and the disagreements! (Not that the others are bad)

  42. dingoesatemymotivation


    26 dagar sedan

    This reminded me I need to watch the Real World season 1 reunion!

    • dingoesatemymotivation


      26 dagar sedan

      Also Hugh Hefner was gross in so many ways.

  43. Yedips39 !

    Yedips39 !

    26 dagar sedan

    I’m surprised Shas of Sunset wasn’t on here!

  44. M H

    M H

    28 dagar sedan


  45. Sam Hayet

    Sam Hayet

    28 dagar sedan

    No 90 Day Fiance? I am devastated... T_T

  46. Taylor Dunaway

    Taylor Dunaway

    29 dagar sedan

    I really just want him to rank the popular TLC shows tbh

  47. Bonnorstyle


    29 dagar sedan

    Eugene should do a video about survivor.

  48. libraries are cool

    libraries are cool

    Månad sedan

    how is Love Island not a part of these rankings??!

  49. Nat Tilghman

    Nat Tilghman

    Månad sedan

    I love Eugene and Becky's reaction to hearing how great the Kardashians are and how they're dramatic and strong. 😂 I stan their reaction.

  50. ShotoNemar


    Månad sedan

    I don't like any reality shows

  51. Lexi Smith

    Lexi Smith

    Månad sedan

    If they hadn’t put bake-off first I would’ve stopped watching right then and there

  52. Shine Sidney

    Shine Sidney

    Månad sedan

    I would love an episode of Breakfast with Tiffany “New York” with Eugene. Please make this happen.

  53. mika akerman

    mika akerman

    Månad sedan

    Eugene: too many blinds confuse me. Also Eugene: photoshop war 2, the “not my wife” masterpiece *Uegene not being confused*

  54. Christian Kirby

    Christian Kirby

    Månad sedan

    Not y’all not having BGC

  55. Putri Noor

    Putri Noor

    Månad sedan

    If Eugene ever gets to rank more reality TV shows, ngl I wanna see Mike's Mic on it 😂

  56. bre


    Månad sedan

    I totally agree with Eugene on this one

  57. Tyler Armor

    Tyler Armor

    Månad sedan

    if Eugene wants to understand the absolute power that real housewives has he needs to watch ATL and Potomac, even Salt Lake City is better.

  58. Serafina Fool

    Serafina Fool

    Månad sedan

    If it was announced that all versions of Real Housewives were cancelled, I'd be perfectly fine with that happening.

  59. •UwU-Chan• Salt

    •UwU-Chan• Salt

    Månad sedan

    This is random but twee means two in dutch

  60. James Ener

    James Ener

    Månad sedan

    EUGENE! Literally my two fav shows are RPDR and Survivor. This video was everything I ever needed at 1am drinking a glass of wine

  61. Brennan Stack

    Brennan Stack

    Månad sedan

    wow eugene was so fuckin right

  62. Veronica Perez

    Veronica Perez

    Månad sedan

    Rooting for everyone on Top Chef? Not trashy? Unheard of! Lol I will never forget the pea puree incident or Josie's run on season 10 or how everyone hated Hung or Robin drama from season 6. Honestly wow this convinced me to rewatch Top Chef.

  63. Artemisia Dances

    Artemisia Dances

    Månad sedan


  64. nyrlogan1


    Månad sedan

    I totally agree about The Girls Next Door, great show with amazing commentaries by the girls for each episode before, and after dating Hef.

  65. Adele M

    Adele M

    Månad sedan

    Housewives is the best show of all time

  66. kaitlyn 🌻

    kaitlyn 🌻

    Månad sedan

    You really did The Challenge like that T^T

  67. Michael Wynn

    Michael Wynn

    Månad sedan

    Watching this after the bachelor scandal and laughing at it's low ranking

  68. Kayla Davis

    Kayla Davis

    Månad sedan

    so y’all just gonna forget about bad girls club ?!

  69. GabsteR505


    Månad sedan

    I can't deny it. I 3000% agree upon Eugene's ranking of the shows.

  70. Madeleine Twocock

    Madeleine Twocock

    Månad sedan

    EUGENE RANKS EVERY U.S. PRESIDENT please this canadian is nosy and needs entertainment from south of the border lmao

  71. nitetimerxdio


    Månad sedan

    why does eugene hate blonde people?

  72. Bree Dakotah

    Bree Dakotah

    Månad sedan

    Yess 👏🏻 Eugene is so right with that top three.

  73. Avani Phatak

    Avani Phatak

    Månad sedan

    Honestly Becky and Emma just vibing the entire episode was so wholesome.

  74. Aaron John

    Aaron John

    Månad sedan

    Oh yea Eugene's was ranking was definitely better

  75. Rachel Porter

    Rachel Porter

    Månad sedan

    I am so happy to survivor as number 2!!! woot!!

  76. Herlinde S

    Herlinde S

    Månad sedan

    Little mix! ❤

  77. Kalen Harley

    Kalen Harley

    Månad sedan

    Were is bad girls club

  78. Nour Ghraizi

    Nour Ghraizi

    Månad sedan

    i agree with eugene's rankings

  79. Gee Burrows

    Gee Burrows

    Månad sedan

    On MAFS they are not actually getting married, i just really want to poin this out. Yes they are signing a contract to during the duration of the program to ac as if in marraige but they don't have to get a divorce after the show is completed.

  80. emily


    Månad sedan

    so many of these shows are bad rip offs of british shows...

  81. Planet Nibiru

    Planet Nibiru

    Månad sedan

    The gays win again!

  82. Cait Hemburrow

    Cait Hemburrow

    Månad sedan

    I’m sorry but ’shark tank’ is knockoff dragons den right?

  83. MsLabisi


    Månad sedan


  84. ImprovFAN


    Månad sedan

    Survivor all the way baby!!!

    • ImprovFAN


      Månad sedan

      so nice and refreshing to see someone else who doesn't like the bachelor shows...have never understood the hype.

  85. Isis Bunkley

    Isis Bunkley

    Månad sedan

    What about catfish

  86. Katie Tran

    Katie Tran

    Månad sedan

    Is Becky talking like that on purpose lmao

  87. dennis daley

    dennis daley

    Månad sedan

    Did y’all hear Becky say “what are you talking about?!?” Exactly the same way Keith would 😂 I was dead

  88. Rene Garduno

    Rene Garduno

    Månad sedan

    Kinda wanted “the bad girls club”

  89. El Pe

    El Pe

    Månad sedan

    Ok but where's love island

  90. Jayden Ohara

    Jayden Ohara

    Månad sedan

    Top model is racist af

  91. T Nicholas

    T Nicholas

    Månad sedan

    The rank wives made a terrible ranking. Eugene is right, you're wrong, shut up. Watching rich white people date each other is boring.

  92. Liz Menendez

    Liz Menendez

    Månad sedan

    Eugene ranks the sparkling water flavors.

  93. Twyla Proctor

    Twyla Proctor

    Månad sedan

    I agree with Eugene 😂

  94. Samantha Torres

    Samantha Torres

    Månad sedan


  95. Nightmare Fuel

    Nightmare Fuel

    Månad sedan

    When Becky said "throw it down there" to The Challenge, Thats effected me....

  96. Sue Bee

    Sue Bee

    Månad sedan

    Do you know. How many blonde people. Are on. This. Show. NO.

  97. SamCan'tDance


    Månad sedan

    where. was. dance. moms.

  98. Gene


    Månad sedan

    I’m just glad Eugene chose RuPaul’s Drag Race as #1.

  99. Aura Elaine

    Aura Elaine

    Månad sedan

    Becky : who’s little mix? Eugene : British fifth harmony Hands? *thrown*

  100. Maddy Hill

    Maddy Hill

    Månad sedan

    I was surprised some of the newer shows weren’t here. The circle, love island, are you the one, etc.